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Our Veggie Patch

Our Veggie Patch
This year, the children have been interested in growing plants and vegetables. Our Nursery Manager Lucie then became very passionate about creating a vegetable patch so that the children could grow their own vegetables from seed.

She therefore built a vegetable patch in the front garden, and the children helped planting a range of vegetables, such as courgettes, pumpkins, beans and more, as well as sunflowers for decoration! This is such a fantastic learning opportunity as it links to lots of areas of learning, such as physical development and understanding the world, and it is always great when we can learn outside!

Over the course of the summer, the children have helped tending to the vegetable patch and watering the vegetables (on the few occasions where we have had sunshine and not rain!) and excitedly observing what has grown and changed.

Once the vegetables had grown (we did particularly well with courgettes!) the children enjoyed harvesting them and learning more about them. Some of the produce was used by Sadie our Nursery Cook to add to meals for the children or to prepare for the children to the taste, but some of it was used for the children to chop and scoop and explore the tastes and textures.

It’s safe to say that the vegetable patch this year has been a great success, so perhaps next year we will make a larger one and grow a wider range of vegetables. Watch this space!

@BananaMoon - 5 months ago

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