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Museum of the Moon

Museum of the Moon
At the start of January, we went on an outing to visit the 'Museum of the Moon' which was on display in Barnstaple Pannier Market.

The Museum of the Moon is a piece of artwork by Luke Jerram that is touring the UK and we were fortunate that is was displayed in Barnstaple throughout December and the start of January. We therefore took the opportunity to take groups of children to visit, and they were completely mesmerised!

The moon installation is seven metres in diameter and features detailed NASA imagery of the moon's surface. The children absolutely loved looking at the moon 'up-close' and some of the children even wanted to lie beneath it to get a better view!

Whilst watching the moon, the children talked lots about how beautiful it is and how it lives high up in the sky! The children then decided that they needed a rocket ship so that they can go and visit the real moon!

The visit sparked lots of conversation amongst the children about space and the planets, and so following the visit there was lots of space-themed activities and play happening at the nursery, from role-play to art-work, and much more!

We had such an amazing time, and we can't wait to see what other outings we go on this year! 

For more information about the Museum of the Moon, visit their website: https://my-moon.org/

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