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Autumn Treasure Bags!

Autumn Treasure Bags!
To celebrate all things autumn, we’re sending the children home this week with autumn treasure bags! Autumn is such a wonderful season, with so many beautiful colours and so many natural resources to explore!

The idea is for children to fill their bags with autumn treasures that they collect on their adventures with their parents and carers. This could include colourful leaves, conkers, cones, twigs – anything related to autumn! Once the treasures have been collected, the children then return their bags to nursery, for the children to add to the autumn activities and invitations in their room, to explore with their friends!

We've also asked parents to upload pictures of their autumn adventures onto the Parent App, so that our Early Years Professionals can see what they've been exploring!

We can’t wait to see what they find! Keep an eye on our social media pages and news articles to see what they find, and what they do with their findings!

@BananaMoon - 3 weeks ago

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